Welcome to Kerr Chainsaw Carving

Welcome to Kerr Chainsaw Carving

We appreciate you stopping by! At Kerr Chainsaw Carving, we offer creative and entertaining carvings along with top notch service.

As you explore our website, you will find that we want you to be as happy and satisfied with our carvings as we are.

You will also find that we carve only 100% custom, one of a kind pieces.

Carved only with chainsaws.


One of a kind?

Kerr Chainsaw Carving

Each carving is inspired by the shape and feel of the wood. Sometimes that is a bear peaking around a corner while holding a lantern. Other times, there is a decorative coffee table or a small owl turning to look at you. There are always figures that want to come out of the wood and just set themselves down in someone's yard.

As you can imagine, every tree and branch has their own shape and quality which must be respected. The wood grain and curves need to be worked with to make the most of each carving. Since no two trees - or even wood cut from the same tree - are alike, no two carvings are ever alike as long as you respect what nature has given.

Again, explore this site and make sure you visit the gallery to see some of our recent carvings.